xPedite is a powerful and efficient enabler solution that accelerates the role design and assignment activities in SAP. It automates various tasks such as transaction, user, and mass role management. It is a perfect solution when it comes to implementation, roll-out, and authorization redesign activities. It primarily enables the security administrators to automate all the design activities and reduce the project time to less than 30%, which saves time, reduces costs, and simplifies the deployment of a well-defined authorization strategy.

xPedite comes with a pre-defined set of rules and templates that can be directly utilized to automate various tasks in the transaction, role, and mass user management in SAP. In simple words, it is a role automation tool/solution. It is quick to deploy, as you need only a few hours to implement the solution.

Why xPedite?

transaction management


xPedite scans and suggests the right set of authorization objects for custom transaction codes and maintains them in SU24 check proposals with a single click. xPedite is intelligent enough to scan 10 different types of transaction codes.



With xPedite, you can create and maintain users, assign and revoke roles, perform mass locking of user IDs, mass unlocking of user IDs, identify shell users and roles, offer usage analysis, and perform other user management activities.

role management


With role management module, you can create and maintain Single, Composite, Master, and Derived roles, clone roles, compare master/derived roles, and enable mass changes in authorization. The role design templates are available, and you just have to fill-in and upload them.

Why choose xPedite?

Reduced project timelines

Project timelines are reduced to 30% as xPedite automates activities such as mass role and user management. No hassles of custom eCATT scripts and manual role or user upload activities.

Well-designed security structure

It helps in accurate SAP authorization management, removes the need for complex spreadsheets, and enables understanding of org. value derivations, which can be centrally stored.

Zero human errors

Once the data is uploaded into solution, it automatically creates and maintains the users, roles, and transaction codes. Hence, leaving no scope for human errors.

Perfect solution during go-lives

xPedite is the right fit during go-lives as user role assignment and revoking is done quickly. Additionally, it is highly effective for re-design projects.

No more manual tracing

It automates SU24 activities for the custom transaction codes such as scanning, proposing automatic authorization objects, maintaining SU24 values, and updating the roles.

Leaves audit foot print

xPedite lets you know who has created the user, role, or transaction code. SAP standard change documents are completely updated and your system is always audit ready.

Here is a quick comparison

Custom Transaction Code Management
Identify authorization object for custom transaction code(s)
Need to use ST01 trace or STAUTHTRACE to identify the relevant object
Not required as xPedite automatically scans and proposes the relevant authorization objects
Time Required
Atleast 15-20 minutes per transaction code
2-3 seconds per transaction code
SU24 assignment/ check-proposal maintenance
Manual, and it takes 15-20 minutes (depending on the amount of authorization objects)
Automated, and takes 1-2 minutes
Role Management
Mass Role Management
Role have to be managed individually (unless they are derived)

100% automated
Mass Role Upload
Group of roles from one system can be downloaded and uploaded in the other system.
New roles can be uploaded/created using xPedite.
Mass Role Creation

Not possible

100% automated
Mass Role Deletion
Possible with eCATT scripts

100% automated
Mass Role Cloning

Not possible

100% automated
Mass Role Changes

Not possible

100% automated
Mass authorization data management

Not possible

100% automated
Automatic authorization assignment

Not possible

100% automated
User Management
Mass User Creation

Partially possible with eCATT scripts

100% automated
Mass User Deletion
possible with eCATT scripts

100% automated
Mass User management such as Assignment and Revoking of Roles
possible with eCATT scripts

100% automated
Mass User Group Assignments

Not possible

100% automated

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