Verity helps you with SAP risk analysis and lets you manage Segregation of Duties implications in the most efficient way

Is your SAP risk analysis making you evaluate your whole SAP structure? Or your users and roles are highly exhausted with critical authorizations and Segregation of Duties? No matter what the situation is, risks at authorization level should not be left unattended.

Verity is a solution by ToggleNow that works as SAP SoD analyzer. The efficiency empowered by this automated solution assists businesses to detect and control SoD implications and handle authorization level critical risks. Additionally, Verity also provides an option for simulating assignments, which helps the organizations to evaluate risk much before these risks actually occur.

It is mandatory to evaluate business risks and stay compliant due to various laws such as SoX, JSoX, SEBI Clause 49, etc. Verity offers a solution that lets organizations stay compliant, manage massive roles, and handle large amount of users.

Why Verity?

Risk Identification


Using Verity, SAP Risk Analysis can be done at both user and role level as the solution supports industry recommended  Rule books. You can easily customize Verity and use it for Risk Monitoring, Identifying Segregation of Duties and Critical Risks.



Apart from SAP Access Risk Analysis and Identification, Verity helps organizations in Risk Management at both user and role level. It offers the ability to create and manage Mitigation controls at the business process level and sub-business process level.

Risk Monitoring


Verity has an extraordinary feature which we call ‘Alert Monitor’. This alert monitor sends notifications to the key monitors when critical transaction codes are executed. These alerts can be reviewed and approved by the Business process owners.

Why choose Verity?

Supports the industry recommended Rule-books

Verity fully supports the rulebook as per industry recommended standards. However, you can still customize the rulebook for your systems such as SAP ECC, SAP HR, and SAP IS Utilities – public sector and energy.

Risk analysis at multiple authorization Levels

Verity can easily perform SAP risk analysis at both user and role level. It lets you run risk analysis and then identify and evaluate potential threats in transaction codes, authorizations objects, and organization areas.

Easy customization options

You can customize Verity’s rulebook to align it with your organizational needs and auditor recommendations. It further provides import and export capabilities so that you can manage risk database effectively.

Generate Risk matrices easily

Verity is designed while keeping in mind how important is generation of risk matrix. You just have to make necessary updates, click on risk matrix button, and the solution will provide a risk matrix ready for management review.

Automated Reports

Verity provides more than 10 available reports and provisions additional creation of reports. All you have to do is to add fields according to your organizational needs, select these fields, and quickly generate reports.

Well-defined mitigation controls

Once the risks are identified, mitigation with Verity becomes simple. Just select an existing mitigation or create a new one, and generate hassle-free reports quickly based on this particular mitigation control or the user.

Here is a quick Comparison:

Other Risk Analysis
Costs Associated
Product Licensing Costs
No costs
Very High
Very Low
Hardware Requirement
No costs
Around $4,000 to $10,000
No additional hardware required
Implementation Costs
No costs
Very High (Depends on the implementation partner)
Very Low
Resource Costs
Very high as all the activities have to be performed manually
Very Low
Risk Analysis

Manual (using spreadsheets)


Risk Analysis Simulation

Not possible


Mitigating (Internal) Control management


Completely automated

Completely automated
Risk Matrices


Not possible

100% Automated
Risk Execution Monitoring


Partially Automated

Rule Books

Business Specific Rule Books

Industry Recommended Rule Books

Industry Recommended Rule Books
Enhancements to Rule Books

Manual and tedious task

Simple and Quick

Simple and Quick



Additional Reporting


Complex to enhance

Easy to enhance

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