Is your SAP risk analysis making you question your existing SAP authorization structure?

Are your user roles overused/exhausted with critical authorizations and SoDs?

It’s time to give ToggleNow a call and get into action!

Even today, around 47% of SAP customers are not using the right mechanisms to detect and manage risks in their SAP systems.

ToggleNow’s Verity is a product designed to help you efficiently manage Segregation of Duties (SoD) and deal with risk situations at the authorization level in SAP NetWeaver or other related SAP applications.. With Verity, it becomes easy to detect and control SoD implications as well as handle even the most critical risks with great ease.

Verity also provides an option to simulate assignments, helping your organization evaluate risks much before they actually occur. In this way, you are free from overused and exhausted user roles that may arise with critical authorizations and Segregation of Duties (SoDs).

Features of Verity

Risk Identification

Verity facilitates SAP risk analysis on the basis of standard rulebooks. Custom rulebooks can be added to suit audit requirements, or for easy identification of SoDs and critical risks in transaction codes, authorization objects, and other areas of concern.

Risk Management

Verity helps organizations with execution of effective risk management activities at both the user and the role levels. It offers the option to create and manage mitigation controls within the organization at the business process and sub-business process levels.

Risk Monitoring

Verity comes with an in-built unique Alert Monitor which sends notifications to key monitors when critical transaction codes that are mitigated are being executed. Through this feature, the alerts can be easily reviewed and approved by business process owners.

Why Choose Verity?

Industry-standard Rulebook

Verity rulebook supports industry recommendations and complies with industry standard risks. Further customizations can also be made with ease.

Highly Customizable Solution

Verity’s rulebook can be customized for individual systems such as SAP ECC, SAP HR, and SAP IS Utilities (Public and Energy Sectors).

Easy Generation of Risk Matrices

The “Risk Matrix” feature in Verity enables the one-click generation of matrices that are ready for review during the critical audits.

Automated Reporting

Verity comes with over 10 different reporting formats and also provisions the additional creation of reports with a customized set of fields.

Well-defined Risk Mitigation

In just a few clicks, existing or new mitigations can be selected and assigned to a specific mitigation control or user.

Compliance with Laws

In addition to efficiently managing large volumes of users and roles, Verity helps you stay compliant with various laws, including SoX, JSoX, SEBI Clause 49, and so on.

Here is a quick comparison

Manual Other Risk Analysis Products Verity
Product Licensing Costs No costs Very High Very Low
Hardware Requirement No costs Around $4,000 to $10,000 No additional hardware required
Implementation Costs No costs Very High (Depends on the implementation partner) Very Low
Manual Other Risk Analysis Products Verity
Risk Analysis Simulation possibe-notpossibelNot possible possibe-notpossibelAvailable possibe-notpossibelAvailable
Mitigating (Internal) Control management possibe-notpossibelManual possibe-notpossibelCompletely automated possibe-notpossibelCompletely automated
Risk Matrices possibe-notpossibelManual possibe-notpossibelNot possible possibe-notpossibel100% Automated
Risk Execution Monitoring possibe-notpossibelManual possibe-notpossibelPartially Automated possibe-notpossibelAutomated
Rule Books possibe-notpossibelBusiness Specific Rule Books possibe-notpossibelIndustry Recommended Rule Books possibe-notpossibelIndustry Recommended Rule Books
Enhancements to Rule Books possibe-notpossibelManual and tedious task possibe-notpossibelSimple and Quick possibe-notpossibelSimple and Quick
Reporting possibe-notpossibelManual possibe-notpossibelAutomated possibe-notpossibelAutomated
Additional Reporting possibe-notpossibelManual possibe-notpossibelComplex to enhance possibe-notpossibelEasy to enhance