Real-time protection for your SAP system

In any organization, one of the most common tasks is to keeping the ERP application secure from underlying threats and data breaches. As this is the primary application for business and contains sensitive data such as user personal information, sensitive business data, transactional records, and overall holds the business reputation together, everything is at stake. Securing this data is of utmost importance and needs urgent attention due to the recent attacks that are happening across the globe.

UserSentry is an ABAP based application that provides an additional layer of security to your SAP system. With increase in cyber threats, UserSentry offers an additional layer of security to all the ERP servers and applications. It continuously evaluates the users and roles for critical authorizations to safeguard your SAP application.

Why UserSentry?

Risk Identification


UserSentry maintains the security of your SAP system by constantly checking users and roles associated with it for any kind of threat.



UserSentry keeps your authorization structure simple as it analyses different authentication factors for evaluating critical authorizations.

Risk Monitoring


It adds an additional layer of security on top of your SAP system built-in Security features and safeguards it from any underlying threat or data breach of existing records.

Why choose UserSentry?

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for SAP

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a layer of security on top of your SAP system. The 2FA changes currently used single factor authentication to multi factor authentication that needs a password and username along with another level of authentication.

Using additional piece of information that only the user knows, makes it difficult for potential intruders to gain access or acquire sensitive information of an organization.

Flexible Authentication Options

UserSentry provides security for user authentication which is either an SMS OTP, email OTP, fingerprint authentication (bio-metric), or a smart token that can be generated using a mobile application.

Why is this important? It simply provides you security without changing your current authentication methods or creating and maintaining yet another user table. It lets you take advantage of the authentication methods you already use.

User Privilege Manager (UPM)

User Privilege Manager module of UserSentry scans individual users and roles. If any of the user role assigned to the user is not utilized, it will notify the user and remove it after few days of notification as per the parameter settings.

User privilege manager is incredibly flexible as it can control how the role assignment in SAP application is managed and handled. You can define the critical roles, their expiry etc., and the UPM will revoke the roles when not in use.

Automate Dormant ID Review

Most of the audit companies recommend locking the users who are not in use after a certain number of days. Usually, the number of days range from 60 to 90.

However, right now, this is a manual process that has inherited audit SAP risk because of its high irregularity. User Sentry automates this activity or dormant ID review, due to which users who are not in use will be automatically notified and locked in the system.

Application Activity Auditing

Application activity auditing lets developers keep a log of end-user activity for sign-in/signoff. This enables IT department to see when user has logged in, which application they have accessed, and when they logged off.

When managing application security, it’s useful to know who is logged in to your system. Apart from security part-of-view, this activity auditing helps you understand which applications are being used and which are being ignored.

Locks Users On Specific Devices

The Device Manager module locks the user on specific devices. This means if someone traces user login data, the system will not allow him to login from other device such as desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

When managing application security, it’s useful to know from which device user is logging in and further, locking the ID on that device. The device activity auditing also helps your company understand which devices the users are using and identify the ones that are not secured.

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