Enhance your GRC AC capabilities with GRC 360

SAP GRC Access Control is an excellent solution from SAP AG, which can manage authorization level risks more efficiently. It helps businesses to remediate compliance issues and monitor potential business risks in a SAP system. However, many of the organizations that implement GRC AC experience operational issues such as unavailability of reports, improper management of the solution due to limited subject knowledge, and many other concerns. All these issues can be addressed with our GRC 360 solution, an innovative wrapper solution designed by ToggleNow.

GRC 360 is the most effective solution in the market that lets you streamline the assignments and processes, and you can make all these changes from a single screen. No complicated coding and zero additional training requirements make our GRC add-on solution the best fit for you. It also decreases administration overhead from hours to minutes and enables you to make better business decisions.

Don’t wait for any glitch, human errors, or auditors to catch you off-guard. Security breaches can be present in any system that has user access. Try GRC 360, an excellent solution that works on top of GRC Access Control. It gives you the flexibility to manage the GRC AC application effectively and increases efficiency.

A well-designed enabler solution for SAP GRC AC.
Manage your GRC AC application more efficiently and effectively.

What it can do?

GRC 360 enhances and adds numerous functionalities to your existing GRC AC system. It not only streamlines the existing processes, but also provides an easy way to manage the existing data with ease. It contains an additional set of reporting capabilities that make day-to-day work simple and less challenging.

Mass AC Owners Maintenance

One major issue that a lot of organizations face today is managing the GRC Access Control Owners. However, with our GRC 360 solution, you have full control of the GRC AC Owners, and you can change them easily, as and when required. Moreover, it consists approval workflows to avoid the risk of changing the owners frequently.

More Workflows

SAP GRC AC originally comes with 11 standard workflows, but still there is a need for a few more. Implementing GRC 360 will add these additional workflows to make your GRC application compliant. As once this feature is enabled, administrators cannot manage GRC AC owners directly, and every assignment would need an approval. Also, the dormant user reviews can be performed easily with this.

Fiori Integrations

Your GRC applications can go mobile with the help of SAP GRC 10.1 as it integrates more Fiori based applications to the system. Our team of experts is specially trained to carry out such integrations that match your SAP system requirements. Be it a simple report app, or a complex set of screens; we can deliver it all. We have executed various Fiori integrations for GRC AC successfully, and our team is always ready to assist you anytime.

Workday & SF Integration

Workday and Success Factors are the two leading solutions that many organizations are adopting for their HR space. Currently, SAP GRC doesn’t have any standard connector for these solutions. However, with our GRC 360 solution, this relation can be effortlessly established. Contact us to know how!

Simplified Templates

Is a roll-out planned? Are you worried on how you will import the data to your SAP GRC system? Use our GRC 360 ready-made templates. You just have to update the spreadsheets and upload it through our solution. Your system will be ready in the shortest time possible!

More detailed reports

Do you want to know exactly why your user needs access to a role? You can simply review it in the Access Request. However, what if in case your auditor asks for this information at a later stage? Don’t stress too much. With GRC 360 solution, all similar type of reports is available in just a few clicks and taps. You don’t need to perform table extracts and complex vlookups. Everything is available for you in a single click.

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