An integrated and automated warehouse management solution for fulfillment and inventory related optimization needs.

Do you struggle with inventory and fulfillment activities? Do you often face troubles in keeping up with the tight schedule?

The major issue faced by many organizations today is related to fulfillment strive that includes packing, picking up, and shipment of products. These activities are really sensitive as they require proper information regarding the products and their relevant locations. Every step needs to be flawless. Moreover, the requirement of a perfect inventory and a dire need for optimized operations frequently bothers many organizations. With all this to worry, businesses have an additional burden of completing maximum orders in shortest possible time. Also, everything should follow a strict schedule.

Accelerate is an integrated, automated, and advanced warehouse management solution by Togglenow that helps businesses in optimizing and gaining control over the whole logistics process. The solution also ensures transparency and efficiency in the system by integrating the system with various effective business processes. Accelerate reduces the risk of failure and minimizes errors in day-to-day operations by standardizing the processes. This results in highest throughput and maximum employee satisfaction.

The solution is prepared in a way to fulfill all the requirements, including mobile warehouse integrations, which contains devices like QR/Barcode printer or RF guns. Warehouse management monitor is another important feature of Accelerate. It comes with a cockpit option and assists in automated product handling with its material flow controls.

The major advantage of Accelerate is its amazing capabilities of easy integration. The solution can effortlessly utilize existing SAP system and its tools to manage the huge amount of data. It can also retrieve meaningful and significant information at the right time for important decisions.

warehouse management

Accelerate assists you in creating a perfect inventory even if you have a large number of products and warehouses.

Simple Integration

Integration phase of any solution is significant; it makes sure everything works correctly. Along with this, it is also true that without proper knowledge and tools this task becomes a nightmare. Our solution provides easy integration with the existing ERP systems like ECC, SAP, Tally ERP, and SAP BusinessOne. With correct knowledge of the process, our team sets up the appropriate integration of business process that avoids unnecessary costs and saves time. Accelerate not only gives you a solution for business process automation within the company but also across partners, suppliers, and customers.

Automated Workflow

Workhouse operations need to be flawless and Accelerate give you a way to manage them with high efficiency. It keeps the operations precise, accurate, and automates necessary tasks. Like managing replenishment, providing inventory counts on a real-time basis, picking, packing, and shipping services and their workflows, and generates and transmits order related documents.

Standalone or with SAP Integration

Accelerate can be used as a standalone application or integrated with ERP systems. The solutions assist the employees in retrieving accurate, up-to-date, and complete information regarding warehouse, inventory count, and shipped orders. It has the capability to store, effectively manage, and provide accuracy even for a large number of products and warehouses.

ERP Integration Toolkit

As Accelerate has the ability to integrate with ERP systems easily, it can also be used as a standalone application. If an organization wants to use the solutions by integrating it with ERP systems, like SAP ECC, BusinessOne, and Tally ERP, then it can do so with the help of integration toolkit provided with the solution. This toolkit helps to keep the integration process efficient and well organized.

High accuracy with Barcode

The barcode plays an integral role in inventory functions. It makes the overall functioning highly simple. With just a scan of the barcode, the full information regarding inventory changes can be retrieved. Accelerate provides an excellent barcode supported solution. It gives 99% accurate inventory counts even when there are a large number of products available in various warehouses.

Audit Compatible Reports

Accelerate enhances the audit activities, it supports in proper sense asset inspections and internal audits and provides audit ready reports. It simply eliminates the need for papers reports and replaces it with digital reports. The solution makes your work further easy by providing you cost-effective and user-friendly app. This app boosts the full functioning by making your logistics structure highly effective. It also improves the processes related to material handling, utilization of capacity, storage equipment, inventory managements, effective layouts, planning, and operational costs.

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