About Optimus Services

Many organizations use SAP for their ERP requirements are it helps organizations integrate multiple business functions. The largest expense associated with SAP implementation is the licensing cost, as many companies do not optimize their SAP licenses. Two important challenges that organizations face in this regard are selection of the right category of license, and managing their existing licenses effectively. The complexity of managing licenses increases with an increase in SAP systems and users within the organization.

Every year, SAP conducts an audit of your SAP software licenses, to compare license against utilization. Most companies find themselves falling short of SAP requirements as they do not properly categorize their licenses as per audit and compliance agreements.

Optimus by ToggleNow is an SAP license optimization and auditing service which takes your holistic requirements into consideration when designing a comprehensive plan to address all your SAP licensing needs.

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Key Benefits of Optimus

Access real-time SAP license utilization
Identifies ideal SAP license type
Consolidates data across all SAP systems
Changes user license type classification
Complies with SAP terms to avoid license audits
Minimizes SAP license administration expenses
Manages contracts and bills of materials
Installs within the SAP environment

Why ToggleNow

At ToggleNow, we use real-time data analysis to propose the optimum number and nature of SAP licenses required by your organization. Irrespective of the size of your workforce, our SAP optimization services can help you improve cost benefits by choosing the right SAP licenses, tailored to your requirements.

Our solutions consider both SAP human access, as well as digital access perspective, to ensure that all your requirements are accounted for with the licenses you have purchased. We simplify a cumbersome activity and help you reduce unnecessary expense.

With our Optimus service, we have helped our clients save more than 30% on their licensing budget

Types of Optimization

Most organizations find their lack of SAP user licensing planning come back to hurt them only after looking at their USMM reports. Organizations are unable to identify the right SAP license classification for its named users. At ToggleNow, we use real-time data analysis to identify the right category of SAP license required to ensure that your organization is audited to perfection.

If your organization is using third party products, it can increase the complexity of acquiring the right licenses. It also becomes hard to stay on top of compliance regulation and SAP contract terms. In addition to this, SAP has imposed stringent regulations, after 2018, about third-party system access, which can result in additional expense for your organization. With ToggleNow’s Optimus service, you identify critical and noncritical indirect usage. We also ensure that the right requirements of digital access packs are licensed to make sure that your organization is compliant with SAP licensing guidelines.

Licensing Optimization FAQs

Any user who accesses your SAP solution to read, write or manipulate any data present in your SAP system must be authorized to do so, as per the SAP licensing agreement. The financial and legal repercussions could be catastrophic if such practices are left undetected over longer periods of time. The Optimus service is designed to identify usage and notify you if any anomalies are discovered.

It’s always an assumption. Classifying users to the right license categories is always a tough task and the number of licenses that are procured may not always match with the usage. Optimus helps you to understand the right requirement of the licenses by performing a 4-level evaluation to help you optimize the licenses. Thus, you can invest only on those licenses that are required.

The answer to this depends on how these interfaces are connected to your SAP system and how users are connected to it indirectly. Considering the dynamic nature of every user’s license agreement, it is crucial to review every contract to define what is considered an “indirect” or “digital” usage. Optimus intelligently determines how your SAP systems are used to prevent any unnecessary cost implications.

Very few organizations understand SAP licensing optimization like we do. Please note, licensing optimization can’t be performed with a readymade software. Optimization is always dependent on your contracts, and unless they are understood, proper optimization can’t be performed. With our extensive industry knowledge, combined with our experience and personalized engagement model, our team will understand each of the contracts, build an optimization ruleset and then perform an evaluation.