About SAP Identity Management

We are the experts in crafting the right Identify Management strategy for you. Our expertise working with implementation and managing SAP IdM (Identity Management) tools helped many clients across the globe in deriving the right strategy. Further, we can integrate your IdM system with your existing SAP & legacy systems. In addition to implementation services, we offer a number of services pertaining to IdM, including setting up workflows, data sources, and cloud integrations for seamless identity-access management experience.

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SAP IdM Advisory

Building an Identity and Access Management strategy? We’re here for you! There are a number of decisions to be made while setting up your Identity and Access Management strategy. This includes choosing the right SAP identity provider, software, methodology, and design.

SAP IdM Design and Architecture

No matter the complexity of the requirement and scenario, our team of experts think around problems with unique innovations and use preconfigured business content to get the job done within tight budgets and timelines.

SAP IdM Integration with SAP and Non-SAP systems

As IdM is a major enterprise application, it needs to integrate with both SAP and non-SAP systems. Increasingly, organizations are using a number of web applications, making proper and complete IdM integration quite challenging.

SAP IdM Integration with SAP GRC, Cloud Platforms

Did you know that SAP IdM can be seamlessly integrated with SAP GRC and Cloud platforms? As many as 90% of organizations working with SAP don’t! Our team creates an automated system that works across platforms to create a range of business benefits that work for you.

SAP IdM Upgrade

Is your SAP IdM up-to-date? SAP stopped supporting IdM Version 7.2 by end 2018, and the latest version complies to GDPR guidelines for employee data security. Just two reasons why you need to upgrade your SAP IdM tools. Speak to our experts to see if you need an upgrade.

SAP IdM Management

Don’t waste the time and money to recruit, train and maintain an in-house team to manage your SAP IdM solution! The ToggleNow team possesses all the skills required to support you and help you with the operation of your IdM solution. We implement the right operation model to suit your unique requirements.

Why ToggleNow?

Work with the experts! ToggleNow offers unrivalled expertise in the field of strategy, design, implementation and operation of your SAP IdM solution. Focus on your core expertise. We’ll take care of the rest… and manage your application more efficiently!