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We used ToggleNow’s team for SAP Basis support just prior to our go-live on SAP. They helped us smoothly transition to a functioning production system, which has enabled our business to thrive in our new ERP environment. We’ve also utilized their services for customizations and enhancements in ABAP and are pleased with how they’ve integrated into our internal team over the past few months.

Director - SAP Projects, A leading manufacturing Company

We are the leading experts in SAP HANA services globally. As experts in SAP HANA , ToggleNow helps its clients to invest in the right HANA solutions. ToggleNow offers consulting and implementation services for efficient SAP deployments in SAP HANA platform. ToggleNow is designed to help our clients invest in these services using a special platform created using our long and wide-ranging experience in delivering class-leading products. High-quality, seamless, and integrated infrastructure implementation are our hallmarks. We aim for improved operational stability, performance, and timeliness. Organizations then will be free to focus on other aspects of their business, resting assured that their investments are guaranteed to produce handsome returns.

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Research beyond the business plan

ToggleNow helps you recognize the specific actions you need to take to successfully implement your strategy and influence the outcomes.  These actions center around the workforce and the actual tools to be employed in the organization as a whole.

A recurring problem with business planning is that not enough time is devoted to strategy and tactics in the implementation of the specific business processes.  A unique vision for the success of the business is also needed.  With help from ToggleNow, you can develop the necessary vision and get the thinking process started.  You can define your goals and outline the specific means of accomplishing them with the aid of our solutions packages.  This is your guiding philosophy.

This is a very important component of any business that requires clear thinking and analysis of goals and strategies in the overall context of your business objectives. We first identify your strengths and weakness objectively. We ask why you got started in the first place. Your goals may include creation of jobs, creation of a legacy, or building a valuable brand. Any solutions we provide will emphasize the role of your employees that are your biggest asset.

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