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SAP is one the most valued and commonly used ERP in a lot of organizations. The major milestone and largest expense during SAP implementation and ownership come in form of SAP licensing cost. Selecting the right license type puts forth a big challenge, and managing them effectively is another cumbersome activity. This whole process becomes more demanding when a company manages multiple SAP systems and an even higher number of SAP users. Then managing SAP costs and controlling licenses becomes a complicated task with many pitfalls associated with it. What’s required is the ability to unite all these SAP systems to ensure efficient management of the licenses that are procured.

Why Optimus?

Optimus is an ideal SAP license management and optimization service provided by ToggleNow for better management of SAP licenses as per the contracts. Our optimization is performed based on the real data usage analysis and not just by the authorizations assigned to them. The intelligent bots can also identify duplicate and idle users and recommend the appropriate steps to minimize these unnecessary costs. The major aim of the Optimus service is to discover the actual usage of all SAP environments from both SAP named user and indirect usage perspective.

We dig deeper with our compliant automated solutions to measure the actual figures instead of potential ones, which is nearly impossible with manual reporting techniques. This involves analyzing authorizations and statistical data.

Key Benefits

Provides real-time access for SAP license usage
Identifies the ideal SAP license type
Gives consolidated data across all SAP systems
Easy change of user license type classification
100% compliance with SAP terms and avoid costly License Audits
Minimizes ongoing SAP license administration expenses
Identifies and trace SAP indirect usage
Centrally managed contracts and bills of materials
Installs within the SAP environment. No additional hardware/software required.

Types of Optimization that we do

Be it direct, indirect, or engine based we can optimize it with the help of our highly skilled professionals, who understand every aspect of SAP licensing.  We also provide a few set of automated tools to fast track the licensing audit, and to give you more accurate results.

Real trouble kicks in when it’s time to submit yearly USMM reports. Many companies face a major challenge while identifying the right SAP license classification for its named users. There are no specific standards and there is nobody to answer your queries:

  • Who uses SAP?
  • Whether correct SAP licenses are given to the users?
  • Which SAP application is being used by which user and to what extent?
  • What is the total number of SAP licenses within the whole company?
  • How many SAP licenses are actually needed?

With our Optimus service, we have helped a lot of clients and assisted them to save around 30% on their licensing budgets.

SAP licensing has always been a challenge for companies that use vendor/third party products. It’s tough to educate users as they ought to have substantial knowledge of the products. It is necessary to maintain the compliance regulation and SAP contract terms.

Indirect usage has put a lot of companies under the scrutiny after SAP’s increased concerns regarding indirect access to SAP data. Many companies have been greatly affected by this move. Since they failed to reach an agreement with SAP about third-party system access; resulting in heavy additional fees. The issue further escalated when organizations started using mobile, web, and third-party interfacing applications.

These issues are easily resolved with our Optimus service. Our automated solution scan and identify both the critical and uncritical indirect usage. It also suggests the actual licensing requirements for the indirect usage.

SAP engines, also referred as packages are optional applications, which require additional licenses. The SAP license management is unique for every SAP engine. It is dependent on various objects that exist in the application. For example, SAP eRecruiting uses n number of employees whereas a payroll management system uses the number of master records.

The usage results are captured and included in License Administration Workbench (LAW) report. Each function returns the result of these individual measurements, which is further used to determine the total license consumption for a SAP engine.

SAP engine based measurement is not necessarily performed using a counting function. Besides, it is not advised to measure license consumption only at true-up time. Regular and timely measurements can help the organization to plan its SAP spend. It also avoids horrid surprises during yearly LAW report submission. With a proper team and a right technique, we can help you with SAP engine based usage optimization.

Know more about Licensing Optimization

Every user who has an access to read, write, or manipulate data in SAP system must be authorized and licensed to do so as per the SAP licensing agreement. The financial damage related to indirect usage can be significantly high and very costly.  Hence, it is better to detect the potential indirect usage based upon the anomalous activities beforehand.

The news of £60m fine on a UK based customer – Diageo case with SAP over indirect access looks small compared to the $600m settlement for SAP licensing violations by multi-national drinks group Anheuser-Busch InBev. Read more about this case @


Watch our recent webinar on Indirect usage @ our youtube channel or click this link.

Our “Optimus” service is specially designed to identify the potential indirect usage and make you compliant with the licensing guidelines.

SAP Software Asset Management (SAM) is not a one-time activity. Rather it is an on-going action used to continually optimize the cost of IT. Efficiently managing software licenses can help your organization reduce the likelihood and cost of SAP license audits as well as unexpected budget leaks.

If you feel you have sufficient licenses, you should get the system audit done. It will ensure that appropriate licenses are given to all the users. Under-licensing or over-licensing is always considered a costly affair

It depends on how these interfaces are connected to your SAP system and the activity that is being performed by the user indirectly. It’s important to realize that “Every customer’s contract is different, and different clauses can give rise to indirect access risk.” Thus it is essential to closely review every contract and addendum to identify what is classified as indirect.

Our expert team is always available to make you understand the key factors affecting the Indirect Access licensing. We also provide the relevant guidance and the best possible ways to avoid heavy and unexpected licensing fees.

No one understands SAP licensing optimization better than us. Our extensive knowledge in licensing SAP systems along with a team of experienced professionals helps us to offer the right advice with a perfect package.

We do a deep analysis of your system to discover the actual position and then recommend you the correct measures. Use the Contact us form to submit your requirement and our expert team will get back to you soon.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in auditing SAP systems, we provide the best solution after thorough research of your SAP structure. We further guide you on how to use our automated system. With help of our automated solutions, these tasks become even easier.

No. Optimus is a full package. It is a Service as well as an ABAP-based solution. You don’t need any additional licenses or hardware to perform SAP licensing audit and optimization.

how can we help you?

Need to optimize your SAP environment too? Do you want to know the exact licensing requirements? Reach us.. Our expert team is a click away. Leave your requirement along with the contact details and we will reach out to you soon.

We have more than 20 interfaces and worried about the indirect usage compliance. ToggleNow helped us in evaluating the potential indirect usage and recommended us the right additional license requirements. We are now 100% compliant with our licensing requirements.

SAP Indirect Usage Analysis
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