SAP GRC Services

Many organizations face troubles while managing and monitoring risk, compliance, and governance activities. ToggleNow provides robust SAP compliance, risk, governance, and other services that help organizations adopt a real-time approach for efficient business operations.

Our dedicated GRC team contains experienced and skilled GRC professionals, who offer quality services and guidance to all our clients. We cover everything from SAP GRC strategy to design, implementation to support, along with project management. Most businesses are often caught up in the implementation process and don’t know how to proceed, however, with our expert team, implementation is just a piece of cake. We offer end-to-end services and assistance for developing a complete implementation strategy to strike a balance with your existing GRC strategy.

ToggleNow offers services like planning, implementation, enhancement, and management of following products:

GRC Access Control

GRC Process Control

GRC Fraud Management and

GRC Risk management

For businesses that outsource GRC support, ToggleNow provides experienced resources for post-implementation and planning, both onsite and offsite. Further, we offer risk control library, tailor-made for every client’s specific requirements.

GRC Advisory and Planning

Our team at ToggleNow is available 24/7 to solve queries and issues that arrive at client’s side. This is our way of extracting the best from GRC implementation and providing required support at every milestone. The advisory services provided by us is an affordable and reliable way to obtain a clear understanding of how to procure maximum benefits from SAP GRC solutions. Do you have any questions? Contact us today.

Solution Selection & Implementation

Today, six out of ten businesses don’t select the right solutions and keep investing more and more in licenses and implementing them. Later, when these wrong solutions don’t prove useful or yield any benefits, they put it on hold. Is that the ideal way of selecting solutions? ToggleNow can help you at every step, right from selecting the solution to implementation. Our team use industry recommended strategies combined with years of experience to implement, optimize, and upgrade SAP GRC.

Legacy Integrations

If you want to integrate a third party application with SAP GRC, then ToggleNow provides end-to-end support, from provisioning to risk analysis, everything is covered. Just tell us about your detailed requirements and our team will contact you with possible ways and an organized integration strategy.

Support Services

Support services are important for continuous usage of the application . We provide excellent support facilities to our customers to handle access request, incident management, and technology management for continuous control and risk monitoring. Additionally, we offer on-demand audit activities that include remediation and preparation.

GRC Diagnostics

How good is your SAP GRC, and how effectively are you using it in your business? If you have any doubts about implementation and working of your GRC solution, then try “ToggleNow’s GRC 360”, a solution that tells you about the status and health of your GRC application. In a matter of few hours, you can get detailed rating and analysis of your GRC system, along with suggestions to enhance it.

GRC Audit

We all know that auditing SAP system is necessary, but only a few give the same importance to GRC system audit. If you also can’t find the right way or time for GRC audit, reach out to our team for assistance in GRC system audit. Along with performing the audit, we’ll suggest the improvement areas and recommend controls required for your GRC system.

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