FourEdge is a Digital Transformation Strategy for helping organizations improve their Security and governance practices.

ToggleNow co-developed the GRC Maturity Model with leading companies and the industry expert, which can help organizations navigate through digitalization, improving their maturity level all along the way. It is a set of guidelines that can help organizations improve their current GRC level to the next.

FourEdge is a 4-stage model that can be used to improve your GRC. At each stage, ToggleNow helps you become more mature in terms of your governance risk and compliance.

How Do We Take You There?


During the first stage, ToggleNow guides you to determine which projects and processes need to be improved and what areas should be invested in first. Further, our teams will provide you a roadmap for 3, 6, and 12 months that helps in your GRC transformation.


Once discovered, will work on a plan, discuss with you in detail about the roadmap, and work with your team address the most critical issues first. The 1st level solutions will ensure you meet the basic requirements of Security. It might start with a simple redesign.


In this stage, our team recommend and deploy various solutions to strengthen the security of SAP systems. We also implement some of the periodic review mechanisms such as user review to ensure the system is audit ready!


The stage where you feel that the right strategies are implemented, and you are on the right track int eh GRC strategy. Our team will work closely with you in order to implement more automations and ensure the system is well-controlled.

Embrace New Technologies

We use technology to help companies define their cyber risk, manage it better. Our FourEdge model helps you transfer the risk to us and concentrate on your core business. We embrace new technologies that enable us to provide you with better service at lower cost.

We use technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Orchestrated Automation, and Control optimization to make your business more secure and efficient.

What FourEdge Brings

Technology + Innovation

We will help you make the most of your existing SAP landscape. We'll create a plan to transition to an environment by adding the latest technologies such as RPA, AI/ML, NLP etc., that make it easier for you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure. This is your first step towards GRC transformation.

The Right transition

We use proven, business-focused approaches to help your organization manage the enormous changes involved in digital transformation. We includes process transformation, technology transformation, and business transformation to make the GRC transformation complete. Our subject matter experts will help you identify the industry and SAP’s best practices and start implementing them.

The Change

We use the right automations, tools, and techniques to help you get your business where you want it to be. Our Subject Matter Experts will help you efficiently implement the solutions and ensure the risks are minimized. Our GRC solutions are built for the future. We keep pace with innovations in technology and business practices, ensuring that your information systems support your ongoing success.

Value Proposition

We've been providing services for 10 years, so we know how to use proactive strategies to prevent problems. We have worked on many projects across diverse industries.

We've been providing services for 10 years, so we know how to use proactive strategies to prevent problems. We have worked on many projects across diverse industries.

We utilize our proactive automated monitoring and ticket resolution solutions to help you reduce the ticket count and increase the user productivity.

We use 4 stage model for increased user satisfaction, which starts with manual resolution, followed by automations, guided procedures, and finally the "smart" solutions.

We use cutting edge technology to create next generation applications. Our solutions are smarter, faster and provide better ROI. We utilize the right tools in our engagements.

We use advance engineering techniques for seamless transitions. Thus, the time required for a support transition is always less compared to other providers.

Our "Risk & Reward" or "outcome" based working model is based on an analysis of your existing operations. We understand and engage the right teams with the right model to ensure you have steady support.

We offer end-to-end application maintenance and support, including advisory services, maintenance services, optimization services, and innovative approaches. Thus, it called as NextGen AMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FourEdge a proprietary offering from ToggleNow?

Yes, FourEdge is an exclusive tailor-made offering that will help organizations overcome GRC challenges with low or minimal investments.

What is the tenure of this service?

The tenure depends on the systems, users and many other parameters. Once after the discovery phase, our team will give a detailed plan for you to review.

Do you implement any of your solutions as a part of this service offering?

Yes, our service uses all our products (as necessary). In addition, we also customize solutions as needed and implement automation at the right time.

Will I be able to use the applications after the service period?

Yes, we will provide a plan on how to use our solutions after the service period. We will also provide you with the solutions that we think will benefit you most.

Are there any additional licensing costs?

No. We utilize either the existing SAP software assets or deploy our proprietary solutions. We ensure to kick-start the GRC transformation with minimal investment.

Will FourEdge help me in SAP Licensing optimization?

Yes. Our certified Licensing Experts will evaluate your existing BOMs, develop the optimization ruleset and run the reports. We helped organizations in optimizing Named User Licenses, FUE based Licenses and Indirect Usage.