xPedite’s aid to our client for restructuring the authorizations faster and with greater efficiency.

With the increased need for business houses to work under stringent regulatory compliance guidelines, critical applications like SAP have become tougher to be efficiently managed. Our client’s applications had to be secure and contain proper SoD with limited access to prevent business complications and interruptions. They faced challenges in maintaining the strict standards which needed complex SAP models to be accomplished.

Our clients had only 6 months in hand to restructure the authorizations. 5,000 custom transaction roles were identified which required proper SU24 check proposals. They needed to create and modify more than 50,000 roles to eliminate the wider authorizations and for Segregation of Duties. As this was impossible to be achieved by manual processes, they entrusted xPedite to carry out the same for them.

xPedite implemented the solution within in a few hours on the client’s SAP system, and in just 24 hours, we were able to provide a report on the current status. We started the work by custom transaction codes- handled SU24 check proposals for 5,000 transaction codes, maintained 30,000 roles, and created around 20,000 new single, composite, master and derived roles. Hence, xPedite not only accelerated the redesign project but also helped in forming a robust, accurate, structured and effective SAP system.

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