Verity’s role in the elimination of Sod and critical risks from our client’s system.

Analyzing the risks involved and eliminating them from the system is considered one of the major concerns for any company. For an efficient and seamless flow of work, detection of possible threats plays a vital role. When our client was facing difficulties in discovering these risks and removing them, ToggleNow came to their rescue with Verity.

Verity is developed to chiefly analyze SoD and critical risks with ease in the generation of risk matrices, enhanced monitoring of critical events, faster approval of documents for each activity and much more.

Being an expert in its field, Verity took just 4 hours to identify the Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Critical Risks both at the Role & User Level. With its analysis abilities, our client was able to restructure the authorizations to reduce the risks in their system and also implement a well-defined Mitigation Control & monitoring mechanism.

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