Optimus and its abilities which helped our client evaluate and design their SAP audits and licenses.

Managing the various contracts of SAP manually entailed an enormous amount of effort for our client. The licenses are categorized based on the job profile and the authorizations assigned to the users. Our client realized the fact that authorizations don’t always correspond to actual usage behavior due to which uncertainties arose in their licensing classification strategy that was unavoidable.

With our Optimus service, we evaluated all the existing SAP contracts and designed a customized rule-set for our client to evaluate the differences in the number of licenses procured and the right requirement. Furthermore, we deployed our proprietary solution to identify the usage behavior of the users and provided the actual requirement. This way, we helped our client become 100% compliant to the regulatory guidelines. Our experts gave recommendations to redesign their authorizations to ensure that the user doesn’t fall into an inappropriate or higher licensing category.

The colossal help of the audit helped our client to identify inactive users who are considered in the LAW report, users who fall under SAP Business Suite Professional User due to classification, those who were incorrectly classified and much more, all with 30% savings on the estimated budget.

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