The tale of how Verity accomplished reduction in security threats with complete regulatory compliance.

In today’s fast-pacing world, it has become mandatory to perform tasks quickly and with the removal of potential risks. However, sensitive activities require immense concentration and efficiency which isn’t possible through manual work. Our client was facing similar difficulties as they were manually analyzing risks with risks analysis data, maintained using spreadsheets. This became highly inconvenient for them as risks failed to be detected and users got wider than required access to system data.

Being a public limited company, our client was facing challenges in the management of SoD and adhering to the guidelines of SEBI.

Verity solution identified several security gaps within just a few hours of implementation. It analyzed a huge amount of Segregation of Duties and critical risks that were present at both intra and extra level. Verity also provided the data points to make the system compliant. With good management practices suggested by our highly knowledgeable and skilled professionals, a structured authorization design was created to minimize the risks involved.

Hence, ToggleNow’s Verity helped them in properly managing the mitigation (internal) controls, and get various alerts/reports when there is a deviation.

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