Here is how ToggleNow integrated Darwinbox with SAP GRC Access Control Application

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is an essential business strategy to ensure corporate governance, mitigate enterprise risks, and maintain compliance with regulatory policies. A number of organizations opt for the GRC solutions offered by SAP to streamline their strategy, but often find themselves unable to effectively and successfully utilize the various features of it.

Our client has similar challenge and they find it difficult to integrate one of the cloud based HRMS application - Darwinbox with SAP GRC Access Control application. The main purpose of this integration is to identify the right set of managers, and route the request to the appropriate approvers. Further, map the user information from the HRMS solution.

ToggleNow accepted the challenge and completely streamlined the process with 100% automation. Download and go through the case study for more details.

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