Why us?

We are a unique group of business consultants whose credentials speak for themselves. We optimize the strategies that are specifically suited to your enterprise, do the necessary research into your existing system, craft the best solution, and devise a clear and compelling plan right from scratch.

We provide the entire range of services, solutions, and technologies across a whole spectrum of industries such as PSU, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, public sector, and utilities. We do this using SAP integrated solutions, so that the processes and implementation are seamless, and the business value is enhanced. The result is a powerful suite of market-leading technological innovations.

The beauty of our products lies in their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Our clients trust us to bring them an unwavering commitment to their success, based on our meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, we stand behind you all the way as you implement continuous enhancements to your core business.

Global Delivery

We specialize in an offshore/onsite business model. Leveraging our proven SAP competencies and expertise, we deliver global projects on time every time, no matter the size and complexity of the project.  Our practices are the best seen in the industry today.

SAP Specalization

We have a long and distinguished history of providing SAP solutions in multiple business environments, especially in areas such as SAP Netweaver, SAP BI, SAP CRM, SAP HR and SAP HANA. Our suite of services comprises business consultation, implementation, product development, and all the related support services.

Intuitive Solutions

Our solutions are simply intuitive and perfectly fit your specific needs.  We use the latest technologies such as SAP HANA and Fiori that blend seamlessly with your existing applications.

ToggleNow Advantage

Our team of specialists identifies the most cost-effective processes tailor-made just for you; provide continuous enhancements and the latest innovations based on the detailed analysis; help you with the total implementation, upgrades, data migration, outsource support and maintenance; and reduce ongoing costs of working within the SAP environment.