What is xPedite?

xPedite is a powerful enabler solution for SAP that fast tracks the SAP security tasks such as User & Role Management. xPedite is a perfect solution especially for implementations and roll-outs, it also allows the Security administrators to simply upload the users and roles from a single screen. It helps businesses to save valuable time and money.

xPedite comes with pre-defined templates that can be directly used to automate the user and role management activities.  All we need is just few hours to implement the solution in one of your SAP system.

World-class solution to automate SAP User & Role Management activities.

User Management

Using xPedite, the user management activities such as user creation, role assignment, password reset, locking, and unlocking can be automated. xPedite has the option to perform this activity in multi-client, thus reducing the total time required.

User Locking/Unlocking

Users can be locked/unlocked during specific activities quickly. Using xPedite, one can create custom groups to manage the entire user locking activity.

Multi-system Provisioning

xPedite can provision the users in multiple systems with a single click. xPedite can be implemented in a central system and users from the other receiver systems can be managed centrally.

Centrally Managed Org Elements

No need to maintain complex spreadsheets, reach-out to Business process owners to understand the Org. values that needs to be maintained in the roles. All the org.values are centrally stored.

In-built Risk Analysis

Don’t have GRC implemented? Don’t know how to manage the Risk Analysis? Don’t worry.. xPedite can manage your roles and automatically perform Risk Analysis while uploading the roles. It’s just a click away!!

Management Dashboards

xPedite has 10+ management dashboards and further allows you to configure your own/custom dashboards.

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