Manage Segregation of Duties & Critical Authorization risks more effectively with Verity..

Do you have users and roles with a lot of SoD and critical authorizations? Do you often hear from auditors that the risks at the authorization level should be taken care of?

It is of utmost importance for the businesses (and industry recommendation too) to design their SAP authorizations in a way that there is no Segregation of Duty (SOD) implications. Fixing the damage at a later point is always a cumbersome and time-consuming activity.

Verity is an automated solution by ToggleNow that helps organizations to identify and manage the risks effectively. It assists the businesses to detect and control SoD (Segregation of Duty), and manage the critical risks at the authorization areas. Further, it gives options to simulate the assignments so that the team is well aware of the risks, even before they occur.

Providing SoD free access to the users is one of the most crucial activities that audit and management teams face. The process has become mandatory because of the introduction of various laws such as SoX, JSoX, etc. Moreover, managing the authorization effectively and keeping the system risk free is always a challenging task for many organizations. In fact, the internal risk management team often fails in this task due to a massive amount of roles and influx volume of user requests to add/remove user roles.

A user-friendly, comprehensive, and industry recommended risk analysis and monitoring solution..

Supports the industry recommended Rule-books

Verity supports the industry recommended rule-books. You can further use your own custom built rule-books for various systems such as SAP ECC, SAP HR, and SAP IS Utilities – public sector and energy.

Risk analysis at multiple authorization Levels

With Verity, risk analysis can be performed at various levels. Be it at the user level, or role level. It allows you to run the risk analysis and identify the potential areas of threats at the transaction code, authorization object, and organization areas.

Easy customization options

With our solution, customizing the risks, rules, or the reports are just a click away. You can tune the Verity rulebook as per your organization’s requirements and auditor’s recommendation. It has export and import options to manage the risk database efficiently.

Generate Risk matrices easily

Generating risk matrix for a specific business process or sub process is now very easy with Verity. All you need to do is just make the necessary updates and click the risk matrix button. Our software will give you a matrix ready for your management review.

Automated Reports

Verity gives 10+ already available reports and further allows you to create your own reports. All you need to do is just add some fields to select, and your work is done.

Well-defined mitigation controls

After the identification of the risk, mitigation is so simple. You can either select an existing mitigation or create a new one. Reports can be generated easily on a particular mitigating control or the user.

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